Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Chicago and America (the bands)

Last night I went to see America and Chicago; the two groups are on tour together for the first time in their 30+ year history. It was quite an excellent show. I was initially excited about seeing America, I am a big fan. When I was ten or so, I can remember my folks playing albums (yes albums) by both bands on weekend afternoons and I associate lots of great memories there. Plus, one forgets how many songs America actually has in their songbook. It's amazing, I think they could have gone on for a few hours. A mellow few hours, but a high quality few hours that would be.

The crowd got bigger for Chicago, but I certainly enjoyed both. At one point, the two played a couple of songs together and that was pretty nifty - they gell together very well. I'll tell you two things about Chicago: (1) The middle part of the show, they played their 80's slow stuff. Now, even though that is when I really started listening, they could have left that part out of the show. Boring - a good time to go for beer. (2) They have a 60+ year old guy that plays the trombone (James Pankow) and any band that has a front guy having that much fun with that instrument has me as a fan. Plus, I'm an ex trumpet player and their three person horn section is truly great.

Overall, it was a great show. Tonight we have Def Leppard playing with Styx (an all time favorite) and Foreigner. Good stuff all together.

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