Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Another "Top 100" List

Below is a website where a gent has compiled his personal list of the top 100 films ever made. As this is something that I like to do, I appreciate his efforts. I also agree with him on a number of choices - maybe not the exact order, but you know what I mean. I could not help putting in his thoughts on L.A. Confidential. That was the year that I stopped watching the Oscar show. Titanic beating out all of the movies that were up for Best Picture that year and especially this one was an absolute travesty.

90 L.A. Confidential directed by Curtis Hanson

Of the films of fairly recent vintage, this is one that grows stronger each time I see it, earning comparisons to the great Chinatown (coming up later, as you might expect). Well acted (even if Kim Basinger's Oscar was beyond generous), well written and well directed, I believe L.A. Confidential's reputation will only grow greater as the years go on – yet it lost the Oscar (and a spot on the AFI list) to the insipid Titanic.

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