Thursday, November 10, 2005

EconomiCivics 101

1. Oil company profits; I do not now, never have made any money off of any oil company, but let me give a quick economics lesson about why most of them (oil companies) showed record profits recently: oil companies make between 9 and 10% profit when you pump gas into your car, so, when gas goes from $2 per gallon to $3 per, they make more money, do the math! Yeah, brevity is good! Oh and thanks Congress for pulling the plug on drilling in Alaska, I love it when my party is in power and acts like a bunch of scared little kids afraid to go to the principal's office. Perhaps they won't have to worry about that after next year.

2. I'll pick on Congress again. Last time I checked the United States Constitution, the Executive Branch is not where declarations of war come from, it's the Legislative. So, stop playing politics and saying you were lied to an coerced when most of you are on record stating that Saddam was not only bad, but definitely one of the worst threats to the U.S. because he was definitely developing weapons with which to come after us! Breathe. Do you really think the public has memories that short? Maybe they do, judging from the latest numbers. Hey TV people! Why don't you take some of these guys and gals to task every now and again?! Oh right, you tend to agree with them. Oh, and good luck to Maury and Connie on MSNBC - I can't wait.


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